Character Design

Birth background of The Ginseng Character
The state-invested Agricultural & Fishery Marketing Corporation developed the Ginseng Character in February 1999 in order to publicize the history of Korea as the home of Korean Ginseng and differentiate Korean ginseng from other ginsengs.
Meaning of The Ginseng Character
The flowers, leaves and roots of The Character are shaped to symbolize the inherent and distinctive quality of Korean Ginseng. The color tone of its red flowers, green leaves and yellow roots presents a cheerful and lively image expressing ‘a healthy life and vitality’ resulting from Korean Ginseng.
The Ginseng Character is a trademark registered both at home and abroad and its use id approved at the request of businesses only for the products made from Korean Ginseng.
Applied of The Ginseng Character
Overseas registration of The Ginseng Character
Registration completed in 23 nations Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Spain, France, Vietnam, Germany, U.S., Hong Kong, Italy, Indonesia, Norway, Canada, Singapore, Thailand, Sweden, Australia, the Netherlands, Britain, Portugal, Malaysia, the Philippines