CEO Greetings

We would go ahead constantly for the benefit of the nation, for the improvement of people’s health, and especially for the revival of Korean ginseng industry.

Korean ginseng has been considered a valuable and mystic material for thousands of years in oriental countries including Korea, Japan and China.
Since it has been proved a panacea through a long history, currently its research in the field of medical, pharmaceutical, biology, etc.have been widely activated in line with a life science worldwide.
As more than 5,000-odd of thesis have been reported during past 100 years, it has been well proved the outstanding efficacy of Korean Ginseng.

We, Korean Ginseng Research Co., Ltd., have engaged in researching and developing Korean ginseng for national healthcare foodstuff and supplied it to many consumers in overseas market.

We have manufactured and exported the various types of products as extracts, powders, powdered extracts, granules, tablets, soft & hard capsules, drinks, candy, jelly, soap, etc.
as well as investing for further development of new products. Since the execution of the law of health functional food(dietary supplement) in February 2004, we obtained a license for manufacturing health functional food,
sales and commodity permit from the KFDA, so that we will devote in production of higher grade of ginseng/red-ginseng products and play a leading role in modernization and globalization of Korean ginseng products.

We will try to improve our system to meet the requirement of KGMP, HACCP and keep on researching & development of new health functional food for further contribution to the people, as well as playing a role
for leading the processing industry of Korea Ginseng.

We will visit consumers with better quality of products while studying and developing continuously

Thank you.